Being the UK’s only independent Vehicle Service History, Maintenance Repairs & Defect reporting register we provide a solution for garages to store data in a centralised system.
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Central System for all Vehicles.
Why Use Our Services?
The only independent solution to vehicle service history.
We have number of service garages registered with us. All garages using our system are carefully verified before any data is recorded.

It’s secure

The data is securely stored in a central database and available 24/7, This means you don’t have to worry about losing it and more importantly it avoids fraudulent entries.

Our Mission And Vision
Our mission is to provide an easy way to view and record Vehicle Service history that has not been tampered with. Whilst making it easy for garages to carry out work on vehicles without wasting money by fitting unnecessary parts. Our vision is to be the only place to record vehicle service, maintenance and defects history, benefiting the garages and owners by reducing costs and by providing a more professional service.
Our vision is to achieve excellence in service and maintenance history data storage for vehicles and make it easy access on demand. It is essential that vehicle is running the road is road worthy and safe..
Frequently Asked Question
How does DVSH Benifits us?
Maintaining your vehicle service history information increases your resale value by up to 30% and keeping it well maintained will obviously give your 2nd most valuable asset a longer life expectancy. Traditionally a car service was stamped and recorded in a paper booklet. We at Digital Vehicle Service History have developed the DVSH system – a secure online database, where only registered and verified garages can store vehicle service, maintenance and defect information easily.
Why do we do this?
Vehicle manufacturers do not provide a service booklet any longer, therefore there is no where to record service information other than the specific manufacturers internal website. So whether you get your vehicle serviced at an Independent garage or a Franchise Dealer they can all use our system providing they are a professional garage and you can view the results easily.
Who enters the information?
Your vehicle service and repair information can only be entered by staff of registered garages and workshops who will be carefully vetted and verified to confirm their identity.Once this is done they can start entering the data.
Warranty Claim?
Did you know that If you have warranty on your car to make a claim you must have your car serviced by a VAT registered Garage.