What We Offer?
Below you will find details about our services that we offer.
Service History
A simple easy to use Vehicle service history, repairs and maintenance data recording service, which is independent to any vehicle manufacturer and with a centralised database so that the data can be viewed by anyone who wants to by entering the Vehicle Registration Mark and VIN Number.
Traditionally vehicle services were recorded by rubber stamping a paper booklet. Which was and is still open to neglect. We at DVSH have developed the Digital Vehicle Service History system – a secure online database, where your vehicles entire service, repair and maintenance history is stored digitally.
Now that most manufacturers have a Digital system and no paper booklet there is more demand for our service.
Verified Garages will be able to log details about the work they have carried out on a vehicle. Once they register we will make sure we carefully verify them and once this is complete they can start recording. By recording the data the Garage is confirming they have carried out the work they have selected.
Once registered we first verify the details about each garages registering with us and then approve their login details.
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